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Leon Strife

Slender twink Leon Strife is friendly and laid back. You wouldn't expect it but Leon also has a huge cock! First he tells us about one of his favorite sexual experiences and confided that he has a thing for daddies, especially if they're dominant. So kick back. Relax. Grab some lube and play with yourself while you watch Leon Strife tug on his big meat!

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Cash Walker and JC Carter

It's been over a year since JC Carter got fucked and he'd decided it was time to get back into the swing of things. We were ecstatic when he called to see if he could film for us because we had just the guy to pound his sweet ass into oblivion. Cute, adorable Cash Walker was more than willing to stretch JC's hole and fuck his ass. Turns out the twink-like hunk has some minor aggression trapped in his soul. With the right amount of persuasion, we have a feeling he might make an excellent, domineering top, even if he does have a baby face. Cash wasn't nervous, despite this being his first time fucking on camera. JC dropped to his knees and took Cash's dick deep in his wet warm mouth. Both have obviously had their share of blowjobs because they each suck dick the way a guy likes it; slow, wet and deep. These two young studs fucked for a good couple of hours…ah, the stamina of 20-year-olds! Cash leaned back and JC took that fat piece of meat up his tight ass. Once he got going, JC rode Cash for a while before letting him fuck. Lucky JC got a face and mouth full of seed. YUM!

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Tall, slender and smooth Dylan shows off a slender twink-like body with big round nipples and a delicious cock. He's a bit on the nerdy side and capitalizes on that look everywhere he goes, choosing to wear glasses although he has contact lenses. But don't let appearances fool you. Dylan is as nasty as the day is long. His motto? Ask for permission or ask for forgiveness, which means he spends a lot of time asking for forgiveness! Jumping in front of the camera to show off his cock is only one of the many things he's recently asked for forgiveness. He spread out on the coffee table and proceeded to get naked before taking his cock in hand and teasing himself, as well as the rest of us. Dylan took his sweet time and confessed he didn't want his scene to end because he LOVES being naked and at the center of attention. He did his best, edging as long as he could but all good things must come to and end, and so must sexy twinks come. Like Dylan. Which he did. Come that, is. He milked out a load of cum while straddling the coffee table, leaving a bit of a mess for us to clean up. Oh, the pity!

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Joey Vox and Seth Knight

Joey Vox and Seth Knight sizzle in what is one of Joey's last ever scenes. Sadly, he's left the porn industry behind to join the military and we wish him well. At least we have him immortalized in "celluloid" as it were. Filmed here with Seth, we captured something rare…Seth topping and Joey bottoming. That's right, a bottom twink gets to fuck stud Joey's tight hole! It may not have been Joey's first time on the received end but he's not done it often and Seth gives quite the performance in his first real drilling as a top. When Seth first mounts Joey he doesn't hold anything back and shoved his cock balls deep into that mostly straightly ass. And after a while of getting fucked, Joey begged to taste Seth's cum. He put his head back and took that huge twink load before following up with a gusher of his own.

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At 18, and with a nice smooth tan, Jesse is a 135 pounds of sexy goodness. Always up for a bit of nasty, we set him up in front of the cameras and we started chatting. Turns out Jesse is all about putting on a show! He played a bit of pocket pool while slowing peeling off his clothes, telling us about some of his personal sexploitations. After lubing up he greased up his hole and fuck himself while working up a good load. In fact, Jesse gave us a good look at his hairy hole while working it over with his fingers. With legs spread, one heel on the couch, the other on the floor, he shot a violent stream of some of the thickest cum we've ever seen!

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