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When Coy first contacted us to do some modeling we figured it had to be a joke. Here was this sexy skinhead, ripped and tattooed, looking every bit like a skinhead. We knew this guy could probably tear us a new one if he wanted to yet none of us was willing to say no. We couldn't. We were fascinated. When we replied, he seemed eager enough. So we set a date. As that date drew near, however, he contacted us repeatedly. He sounded nervous as hell but we'd made up our minds. We wanted him. When the day finally arrived, Coy showed up with a buddy. We offered his friend some beer and he disappeared, leaving us alone with Coy. We made our way to the bedroom, where Coy took off his shirt and we all began to drool. or look at him funny. He has a little run of hair from the middle of his chest leading down his perfect abs. Coy got naked and flexed for us before lubing up his cock and starting to crank. He closed his eyes and tightened up his thighs as he grew closer to release. When he finally shot a stream of cum we all ran to the rest room, one by one, to whip out a load of our own. And before Coy left, he thanked us and gave us each a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Turns out appearances can be deceiving!

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Say hello to Grayson, a country boy with a shaved head. Grayson was eager to make some money so he accepted our invitation to peel off his clothes and stroke his cock for us. And he didn't waste time getting down to business as he pulled out his fat tool! Grayson sat up, legs spread so his hole could hang over the edge of the chair giving his fingers access. Once he got his fingers nice and wet and moving in and out of his hole, Grayson's cock stood straight up and he started milking the cum to the top. Grayson laid back flat on the chair and started to tug hard on his country cock. Grayson edged for a while, until he said he really needed to have his balls drained. Then a rocket shot of cum leaves his pee slit and lands on his neck.

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Dirty Chav Threesome

Fit chav David O'Connor gets a call from big man Fraser Jacs and his latest fucktoy Milo Milano, asking if they can stop by, which leads to a hardcore threeway that has all three lads sucking and fucking like crazy! With his lean, muscled body and buzz cut, David is a definite scally sex fiend and dark Latino Milo has a perfectly round, smooth ass with not a single hair on it, that is just screaming out to be fucked hard and stretched out wide. Fraser and David are more than happy to help! With some great flip flopping, rimming, sucking and hard, sweaty fucking, this is a scene that can't be missed!

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Sex Den Sluts

Giant dicked Sam chills out down the back alley, knowing that a hot bottom slut will turn up sooner or later. Playing with his huge slab of meat, he doesn’t have to wait long for horny tattooed Skikes to show up, his ass ready for a pounding, and cashes in when he spots Sam’s swinging dick. Wasting no time is getting his throat stretched open, the unshaven bottom lad is on his knees and Sam’s dick disappears whilst his hole is opened, jockstrap on and his smooth pink target is framed perfectly. Eating ass and soaking it in spit before a couple of fingers to loosen it up, Sam’s dick slides effortlessly into the hole, hot and raw. Skikes feels every inch penetrate deeper inside him, his hole the only goal and is given up to the big dicked stranger to open wider and deeper than ever before. Fucking so deep his balls slap hard, the cock hungry boy wanting it so bad he sucks on it straight out of his hole, not wasting a second of having a cock in his body. Shooting over his hole and fucking it inside, Skikes then jerks over his own face, his hole puckering as he is fingered with spunk and Sam licks it clean, a self-facial like none other, leaving the sex den stinking of sweat, sex and spunk!

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Stretched Holes

Stretching his hole open for a hairy chested hunk, this bearded stud knows he’s in for the full force of that rock solid thick piece of man meat!! Ordered to shove as many fingers inside him as possible whilst pushing his ass out for viewing pleasure, it’s soon begging to be filled. Fucking himself with a double-ended dildo, he’s giving himself more than his fair share, and everyone loves it. Both guys have fantastic thick cocks that must taste as good as they look. Having stretched his hole further with a huge black toy, its no wonder they both shoot buckets of hot cum all over each others faces.

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