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Skyler Lane and Fernando

This scene reminds us of an old song by the Pointer Sisters. After all, who wouldn't want a lover with a slow hand and an easy touch? At least, that's the way it started. Sexy blond Skyler Lane guides Latin hottie, Fernando, through a sultry scene of passion. Skyler's car was in the shop the day of the shoot and Fernando just doesn't care so we offered to pick them up. They started carrying on in the backseat, teasing and nudging each other but Skyler was a pro and held off. He knew what awaited once we got back to the studio, and on set…Fernando's eager hotness! From the moment we walked through the doors, these two couldn't keep their hands off each other as they worked their way to some flip fucking. Fernando grabbed Skyler by the head and fucked his throat with his big swollen cock. He then flipped the hunk on his back and shoved his uncut meat deep in Skyler's juicy hole. Skyler returned the favor, pounding the twink to the edge of ecstasy until neither could hold back any longer, fucking the cum out of Fernando before shooting into his mouth.

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Cash McCoy and Krys Perez

We were hanging out with Krys Perez and some of his friends one weekend when Cash McCoy knocked at the door. We hadn't been expecting him so we were quite surprised, but pleased to see the tall, straight hunk. Turns out Krys texted him, told him what we were up to, and asked if he'd be in a scene with him. Who were we to turn down a hot straight man in need of money and a cock hungry twink with a thing for the forbidden fruit? Guess sometimes it's all about being in the right place at the wrong time. Or is that being in the wrong place at the right time? Regardless, Krys ended up scoring big time as Cash was exactly what he needed. We sent some of the friends off, thought we got the feeling they wanted to watch, and got down to the business of filming Cash and Krys. They traded blowjobs for a while before Krys managed to get his tongue in Cash's amazing ass. The straight hunk arched his back and let Krys explore and rim his hole. This only got Cash nice and wet and the next thing we knew, Krys mounted Cash and fucked him doggie before putting the big guy on his back, grabbing his ankles and fucking deep. Cash might have winced from the pain but ended up licking his lips and biting his tongue from the pure ecstasy of getting his cherry popped. Turns out that Krys had the entire thing planned, behind our backs, and we're sure glad he took that initiative!

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Clayton Jasper and Jackson Taylor

When big blond muscle hunk Clayton Jasper said he was up for getting his cock sucked by another guy, we immediately thought of Jackson Taylor, an adorable twink cocksucker who loves to service straight men and lives to swallow hetero baby batter. Jackson was so eager to get his hands on Clayton we knew it would be a blow job to remember. Clayton was a bit nervous on the day of the shoot but he let us blindfold him and did his best to relax as Jackson explored his body using his mouth. First up was Clayton's mammoth guns, Jackson kissed and rubbed them as Clayton sat naked with a semi. Jackson then worked his tongue down to Clayton's beefy ass. Gently, he darted his tongue in and out of Clayton's tight hole. After all, you don't want to scare away a straight man like Clayton! Much to the hunk's surprise — and ours — Clayton loved getting rimmed. His excitement only grew as Jackson gave him a complete tongue bath, eventually taking Clayton's big thick rod in his hands and working his expert tongue up and down that shaft. Clayton was obviously getting the best blowjob of his life as he grabbed the back of Jackson's head and started fucking his mouth. This only made Jackson want Clayton's cock all the more but what Jackson really wanted was to taste that nut. Jackson finally went to town on the stud's cock with reckless abandon until Clayton squirted his huge sticky load in the back of Jackson throat. Jackson savored Clayton's salty seed before spitting out some of it onto Clayton's still pulsating cock. And trust us when we say, if hadn't wanted to see the load, Jackson would have swallowed every single drop, the way a hungry cocksucker should.

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Ean and Carson Carver

Carson Carver is comfortable with himself and eager to please. And yet, he was extremely nervous when he met Ean. As for Ean…let's just say something about him changes when he's in front of the camera. He's laid back and doesn't talk much but once we started the shoot he became Mr. Dominant, which really got Carson's juices flowing. It was immediately apparent these two were really into each other. It was practically a race to try and get the clothes off the other guy. All the while, they played tongue hockey and stroked their cocks. Carson couldn't stand it any longer and just had to have Ean's cock in his mouth. Naturally, Ean welcomed Carson's eagerness by grabbing the back of his head and shoving his cock deep into Carson's throat. Turns out Carson hardly had much of a gag reflex! Who knew? We certainly didn't. Take a look and you'll see Ean's big uncut cock bulging in Carson's throat. Carson got his face fucked for well over an hour while Ean played with his ass and verbally egged him on until he unleashed a huge load of cum all over both of their toned and sexy bodies.

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Jason and Jake B

Jason had been wanting to fuck Jake B's tight little hole for a while now so we made sure to pair them up just as soon as we could. Then, when we heard Jake admit he'd been wanting to get fucked by Jason we knew we were about to witness something sinsational! In the bedroom, we turned the cameras on and just let them go. We don't think either of them gave thought to the fact they were being filmed. And if they did, it only turned them on even more. They started off with sweet little kisses as they stripped each other naked and looked more like they were about to make love, rather than fuck. Jake kissed every inch of Jason's body as he made his way to Jason's cock. Jake then took Jason's cock in his mouth and started sucking. Once Jason was fully hard — which was almost instantly — Jake was ready for full-on penetration. In fact, Jake received much more than a balls deep fuck. He took it in every he could think of before finishing with a good, hard doggie pounding. Jake let Jason spray his hole, coating it with jizz and Jake finished by dumping a load of his own, barely touching his dick!

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