Logan Taylor and Gino

Beefy, tattooed muscled hunk Logan Taylor is a great bottom. In fact, we've heard from many models after filming with him that they couldn't stop thinking of the way Logan's ass and tight hole made them feel. A few even confessed that Logan had spoiled them for anyone else and wished they could fuck only Logan. It's a testament to how great a bottom can be but every once in a while, bottoms want to top and will stop at nothing until they get that urge out of their system. If they ever get it out at all! After all, sometimes, when a bottom goes top, there's no bringing him back. Logan was such a bottom. He wanted to top but he didn't just want to top any guy. He wanted to top a straight guy. Logan badgered us until we finally found him a straight boy to fuck. When we first met Gino, he said he was open for anything so we didn't beat around the bush. We put him to the test. We figured Logan deserved this one after all the cock he'd taken for us on camera. Now, Logan loves a big dick inside his muscled ass and he almost caved when he saw Gino but he was raring to go, especially knowing he was about to fuck a tight virgin hole! We've seen some tight holes but Gino took some work to open up. Logan used some toys on Gino and after loosening him up, Logan mounted the new stud and pried his ass open with his cock. And just in case you need a reminder of what it sounds like when a hard cock penetrates a virgin hole, be sure to turn up the volume. Or turn it down because Gino is a screamer. Either way you're in for a treat. The more Gino screamed, the harder Logan pounded, barely pulling out in time to spray his seed all over Gino's stomach, just before Gino shot his own load.

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Colin Fox

Colin Fox is a country boy from North Texas, 5'11" and 180 pounds of solid young hunk goodness! He sent us his picture and the moment we saw in all his glory we knew we needed to film him. When we saw him in person we realized that pictures did not do this stud justice. Gorgeous red hair and beautiful blue eyes. And a personality as big and loud as his red hair! As we got naked during the photo shoot — don't worry, the cameras were already rolling — Colin leaned back and slowly started working his cock between thumb and forefinger. His nut sack kept getting tighter and tighter as Colin got close to spilling his seed. After stroking for a good hour he leaned back against the fireplace and squeezed one out!

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Haigan Sence and Cord

Ginger boy Cord made a special request for his 18th birthday. He wanted to get fucked by Haigan Sence. Cord had seen Haigan in a video and ached to wrap his ass lips around the dark haired stud's big angry uncut cock. Now, this is exactly the kind of thing that gets Haigan turned on. He loves hooking up with guys who really dig him. When Haigan arrived on set he said he had a 4-day load and was aching to erupt. Cord was all too happy to be the lucky recipient. The dark haired stud grabbed the back of Cord's head and shoved his semi-hard cock all the way down his throat. It was quickly apparent that this wasn't Cord's first romp in the hay with a big boy. Haigan face fucked Cord for a bit, until Cord got on his stomach and arched his back to present Haigan with that amazing moist ass. Haigan eased his big cock into Cord's wet hole, building up to a fierce banging. Haigan did what he does best and drilled Cord from every conceivable angle, just to make sure Cord could feel Haigan's tool inside him and remember him for a long time to come. When Haigan couldn't hold back any longer he pulled out and shot a rocket of cum across Cord's mouth and face, two feet over to the bed post. Cord lapped up the rest of Haigan's cum as he sprayed another huge load himself. We don't think Cord realized just how much cum Haigan was capable of producing but he certainly didn't mind. A MUST for those of you who love cum!

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When Coy first contacted us to do some modeling we figured it had to be a joke. Here was this sexy skinhead, ripped and tattooed, looking every bit like a skinhead. We knew this guy could probably tear us a new one if he wanted to yet none of us was willing to say no. We couldn't. We were fascinated. When we replied, he seemed eager enough. So we set a date. As that date drew near, however, he contacted us repeatedly. He sounded nervous as hell but we'd made up our minds. We wanted him. When the day finally arrived, Coy showed up with a buddy. We offered his friend some beer and he disappeared, leaving us alone with Coy. We made our way to the bedroom, where Coy took off his shirt and we all began to drool. or look at him funny. He has a little run of hair from the middle of his chest leading down his perfect abs. Coy got naked and flexed for us before lubing up his cock and starting to crank. He closed his eyes and tightened up his thighs as he grew closer to release. When he finally shot a stream of cum we all ran to the rest room, one by one, to whip out a load of our own. And before Coy left, he thanked us and gave us each a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Turns out appearances can be deceiving!

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Ean and Carson Carver

Carson Carver is comfortable with himself and eager to please. And yet, he was extremely nervous when he met Ean. As for Ean…let's just say something about him changes when he's in front of the camera. He's laid back and doesn't talk much but once we started the shoot he became Mr. Dominant, which really got Carson's juices flowing. It was immediately apparent these two were really into each other. It was practically a race to try and get the clothes off the other guy. All the while, they played tongue hockey and stroked their cocks. Carson couldn't stand it any longer and just had to have Ean's cock in his mouth. Naturally, Ean welcomed Carson's eagerness by grabbing the back of his head and shoving his cock deep into Carson's throat. Turns out Carson hardly had much of a gag reflex! Who knew? We certainly didn't. Take a look and you'll see Ean's big uncut cock bulging in Carson's throat. Carson got his face fucked for well over an hour while Ean played with his ass and verbally egged him on until he unleashed a huge load of cum all over both of their toned and sexy bodies.

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