The first time Bryson hit us up we were like, an actual telephone call? Who does that anymore? Especially this younger generation whose main form of communication seems to be via text and Instagram. Naturally, we just HAD to meet him. Especially after he sent us his pictures via e-mail. When the day came we had the cameras set up and he was taken aback, saying he had just come to take his clothes off and jerk off while we watched. When we told him we'd pay him to take his clothes off and whip one out he was more than intrigued but concerned his girlfriend might find out. Then we made him an offer. Bryson didn't even blink. He just stripped down, exposing his toned body, smooth pale skin and incredible tattoos. Then he slid back on the bed, spread his legs and started stroking. Bryson's big cut cock looked like it was going to split. That's how hard he was. Bryson grabbed a glass ribbed dildo and put it in his mouth before bending over and shoving it up his smooth tight ass. Well, all of us on set just about shot a load right on the spot. But we managed to control ourselves as Bryson kept the toy inside him, nice and deep, before rolling onto his back and going to town on his greased pole. Bryson's balls seemed to get tighter and tighter as he worked up a load and finally nutted all over his inked abs, his satisfied hole pushing out the toy. So, Bryson. Straight, huh? He just smiled and said anyone can be convinced to try something new. Hmmmm.

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Cameron Ford and Ean

For those who enjoy contrast in porn, this scene with Cameron Ford and Ean is a scorcher! There's just something about a big hot dark stud fucking a thinner, light skinned boy, only slightly darker than pale. Cameron is very in touch with sexuality, a hot body and an even hotter attitude. Cameron worked up Ean from before we got the cameras rolling. Genuinely into each other, Cameron took control as expected, devouring Ean's cock with gusto! One look at the gleam in his eyes as Ean's cock grows bigger and bigger and you'll know Cameron is without a doubt one major cock whore. Ean teases Cameron's hole then puts him on top so Cameron can ease himself down on Ean's big throbbing dick. And the fucking continues from there, getting hotter and hotter. In fact, at one point, Cameron is on his back with Ean thrusting his cock deep, just the way Cameron likes it, fucking harder and harder until they shoot creamy white loads of thick cum that's just too tempting for Cameron to resist. Slurrrppp!

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Clark G

When you first look at Clark G you'd think he was a studious college boy. And you'd be right! But this 19-year-old is so much more. The dark curly hair and glasses don't quite prepare you for this handsome, sexy stud. Clark is the complete package from the top of his head down to his size 12 feet. Somewhat reminiscent of the 60's, this activist for free love has an amazing body that is all natural. He hardly words out, at least not in the gym, and he takes it all in stride. Which only makes you want to submit to what ever he might suggest. Clark Clark kicked back and stroked his hard cock for us outdoors and just about forgot he was being filmed while working his shaft slowly up and down. Clark's muscles tensed as he got closer then let out a loud moan as he spewed spooge all over his smooth chest. Even the studious have to release the pressure from time to time. Thank goodness he allowed us to film him!

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Genesis and Jackson Hammer

Genesis had been after us for weeks to meet his new boyfriend, Jackson Hammer. When we finally did we were like, holy fuck. What an adorable twink! We could see why Genesis was so enamored of the slender hottie. Naturally we had to have them fuck for us on camera and since that was one of their mutual fantasies, we decided not to waste time. We turned the cameras on and turned them loose. The two are obviously head over heels for each other and it shows. They could barely keep their lips off each other long enough for us to hear how they met and learn a little more about Jackson, the bottom boy wonder. Both were rock hard from the start and swapped blow jobs before getting to the business we were all interested in the most. Genesis tongue fucked Jackson's hole, getting it nice and sloppy for Genesis' throbbing tool. Once primed, Jackson straddled his boyfriend and rode that big fat cock as if we weren't even there. But that was only the beginning. Genesis ravished Jackson's twink hole before pulling out and drenching Jackson with his man juice. What else could Jackson do but lick up every drop? We don't know if they're still together but at the very least, we have this amazingly hot and incredibly sexy fuck to remind us of their puppy love.

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Brian O Neil

A business associate suggested we meet Brian O'Neil and are we ever glad he did! Brian is a personal trainer and as a result, he practically lives at the gym. And trust us when we say, we've ogled some amazing bodies but Brian quickly shot to the top, ranking among the best. On the day of the shoot, the 25-year-old showed up sporting stubble. Now, when some guys are unshaved they just a look a bit shabby. On Brian, well…let's just say it sent several of us over the edge. Brian was all about showing off and not the least bit shy. In fact, he seemed to get off on the attention! He showed off his muscles, flexing for us before dropping his drawers. Then he got down to business, tugging on and stroking his fat cock for his solo. At one point, Brian lay naked on the coffee table, a leg up in the air while he teased his tight hole with one hand. Fucking hot! Towards the end, Brian closed his eyes, tightened his abs and stood to deposit a thick load all over a brand new piece of furniture. Oh, well. Thank goodness for polish!

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