Jake Austin and Haigan Sence

Jake Austin had been a fan of Haigan Sence for a while. They'd been sexting each other for close to a month, trying to schedule a scene. It took some doing but we finally got them in the same room at the exact same time. While Jake filled out his paperwork, Haigan kept distracting him by flexing his throbbing cock. Jake could hardly wait to wrap his lips around Haigan's cock and when he finally did, he sucked Haigan slow and deep. But Haigan is a fucker and always after a piece of tail. He bent Jake over the arm of the couch, filling his ass with bad boy uncut cock. Haigan actually threw us all off by fucking Jake slow, caressing his inked body. But after a while the old Haigan came back, picking up the pace and letting us hear the sound of his balls slapping against Jake's hot ass. The two fucked for a long while, ending up with Jake on his shoulders as Haigan fucked the cum out of him before milking out his own creamy load.

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Connor Curly Q

Sometimes, it's not the super duper chiseled man that rocks our boat but the guy next door. The one who doesn't even know he's sexy. Like 21-year-old Connor. At 5'7" this curly-haired beauty has a solid defined build and dreamy, sexy blue eyes that seem to lure you in. He looks perfect and innocent but when he opened his mouth to share some of the fun he's had, we were drooling and hard. Connor unbuttoned his shirt and started rubbing his smooth chest. Then he undid his pants and pulled out a yummy, rock hard cock. Connor proceeded to fist his throbbing shaft, from his balls to the thick and purple mushroom head. He even spread his legs to explore that very hairy private spot, teasing himself first with one, then two fingers. With his eyes closed, imagining who knew what, he resembled a fallen angel, lost in his own lust before erupting with flourish.

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Logan Taylor and Trevor Laster

Logan Taylor and Trevor Laster spent last summer hanging out, developing a sexy bromance that we naturally had to film. Hello, who doesn't love watching two sexy guys together, doing anything, let alone sucking cock and fucking? Both were willing, eager and excited to have us film their very first time together. They may have started out semi naked but soon took turns sucking cock. The energy between them just flowed so we took a step back and let them play, organically and without prompting. With Logan enjoying a good cock up his ass, we knew how he'd eventually end up. Of course, WE knew what Trevor was sporting but it was hot to see Logan's reaction as he hit the jackpot. Soon, he'd climbed on top of Trevor's beautiful monster and eased his way down the massive piece of meat. Trevor then bent Logan over the couch and gave him a good pounding. And there was Logan, crying out, "Fuck Me! Fuck Me!" Which only sent Trevor into overdrive as he plowed Logan while on his back, legs spread wide, that big fat cock destroying Logan's hole until they finished themselves off, leaving Logan drenched in cum.

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Milo Austin

Milo Austin came to us on slow, lazy summer Sunday afternoon, horny and ready to put on a show. He enjoys sex with other guys but there are times when flying solo can be just as hot! The adorable, sexy blond is 25 years old and buff, with a terrific chest and a mouth watering set of abs. His favorite part of his body, though? His ass. Sluuurrrp! Oh. Did we say that out loud? Yes, it's a might fine ass and he shows it off to perfection treating himself to a good fingering and 18" of personal enjoyment in the form of a big black dildo. Milo fucks himself deep, with his brand new friend, stroking his cut cock. Milo is NOT shy as he bends over and gives himself an aggressive dildo fuck, dumping a puddle of thick jizz all over.

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Haigan Sence and Austin Perry

Bored out of their minds, Austin Perry and Haigan Sence decided to pass the time with a game of poker. But Haigan is a far better player. Either that or pretty boy Austin was badly distracted by horned up Haigan. All we know is that when Austin couldn't pay up, Haigan took it out in other ways. Austin got to his knees immediately to suck Haigan's hard uncut cock. Only, Haigan wanted more. He'd had his eyes on Austin's ass and Haigan was determined to pop that sweet ass. Turns out Austin wanted dick almost as badly as Haigan wanted a tight hole to fuck. We think Austin threw the hand on purpose. Haigan stood Austin up to show the 6'4" hunk how it was going to go down. Austin stroked himself while Haigan stuffed his uncut piece into that hungry hole. The deeper Haigan went, the harder Austin grew. Haigan turned up the heat with Austin on his back, legs up in the air. Haigan fucked like a battering ram, slamming his cock home repeatedly. Austin fired off a huge load followed by Haigan who drenched Austin further.

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