While in Atlanta from South Beach, Bobby hit us up one afternoon. He said he had a huge cock and asked if we'd like to see. Who are we to turn down a picture of a huge cock? The longer the image took to download, the bigger we knew it was going to be. Needless to say, once the image finished downloading we knew we had to meet him. Bobby was open to pretty much anything we decided to throw his way. And then he pulled out his monster cock, already throbbing. It slapped up against his stomach and everyone on set started drooling. Never mind that he has a long lean build with a nice developed chest and abs. His cock definitely overshadowed any other feature! Bobby lifted his leg so he could run his fingers over his swollen taint. He edged himself for a good hour and when he couldn't hold back any longer, he shot a load of Florida sunshine all over his nut-sak, his fist hammering away at his hard curved cock!

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Jake B and Alex Knight

Alex Knight and Jake B have been fucking around together for only a short while but they're already becoming an item. Alex, who loves sex, knows his way around a man's body while Jake, who's just cuming out of his shell, is quickly learning there's nothing he'd rather do than fuck with an audience, on camera. Yes, it's a testament of their sexual attraction to each other but it's also a testament to what is growing between them. And we don't just mean their cocks! It was a gorgeous day so we decided to film them outdoors. With a mattress on the floor and already naked, Jake and Alex started making out. Alex worshiped Jake's cock a while before he was ready to have Jake take his cock. Jake got on top and sat his tight pink hole on Alex's huge throbbing cock. Jake took that big piece of meat and Alex wanted to let it rip, pounding Jake's ass but he held back. Alex took his turn taking it up the ass and loved every second. They made the rounds on that deck, including a hot session in a wooden rocking chair, for all of nature to see, before Jake stood Alex up and pounded away. Alex shot a huge load all over the camera, and our cameraman, before dirty Alex sucked Jake, making him shoot a thick load in Alex's mouth and all over his face. Priceless!

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Archer is a 29 year old Texan who spends his days working outdoors and it shows. At 5'8" he's a 175 pounds of solid muscle with hair in all the right places. He's mostly straight but doesn't mind playing with guys here and there. Archer talked to us for a bit about some of the fun he's had with both guys and girls and got himself so turned on we decided to let him get naked and do what comes naturally. It was almost as if Archer's clothes were bothering him and he had to get out of them quick. He then grabbed his cock with one hand while his other found its way down, below his balls and near his hairy hole. The faster Archer jerked his meat, the deeper the fingers slipped beneath his taint and into his wet virgin hole. Archer couldn't hold off long so he looked up at me and said "I'm about to" and then, B-O-O-M! A load of cum spurted out of his hard cock. Archer obviously was horny when he arrived and he admitted being watched just put him over the edge and he couldn't hold back from shooting his wad. Lucky us!

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Buck and Austin

Dark-haired Buck is stunning with his beefy body and that insatiable ass of his. He immediately wanted all the attention, which suited his scene partner just fine because he was obviously nervous as fuck. Buck broke the ice when he grabbed Austin's hard cock and guided it into his wet mouth. You can almost see Austin thinking about returning the favor but it took him a while to work up the courage. Then again, maybe he was just enjoying the sensation of having a football player type going down on him and servicing his pretty cock! But one taste of Buck's cock and Austin couldn't get enough. The two teased each other for quite a while before Buck demanded Austin shove his cock in his ass. Austin wasn't going to let Buck down so he bent him over and fucked him good and hard, pushing Buck to milk out a creamy white load while stuffing his tight hole.

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Trevor Laster

When we first heard from Trevor Laster we knew we had to meet him. The day arrived and in walks a 5'11" and 155 pounds of awesome sexiness with defined muscles from head to toe. Just when you think that Trevor can't get any more sexy than he already is, he whips out a big, fat cut cock that just keeps growing! We tried to pretend like we wanted to hear more about Trevor but we were anxious to get to the…ahem…meat of the session. Trevor stripped to show off naturally smooth skin and a defined body as he spread out on the couch, his swollen piece of meat between his legs, lubed up and ready to go. Trevor stroked it nice and slow, with long strokes. Trevor spread his legs a bit more as he picked up speed, until he was masturbating fast and furious Trevor let us all get a taste of his man juice squirting his cum all over his smooth abs. Hmmm. Tasty!

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