Brody Codwell

We found Brody Codwell riding his dirt bike out in the boonies. As soon as he opened his mouth we knew we had to see the hunk out of his clothes because his voice set us all a quiver. Tall, slender, and with the cutest face ever, the 20 year old Texan had a bit of an attitude, which is exactly how we like them! He's got naturally tight abs and strong arms from playing on his bike. If his twang doesn't get you, his dreamy eyes surely will. Brody takes off his shirt to reveal a fresh new tattoo, above his hot, mouth watering nipples. Brody pulls out a hard fat cock that is as girthy as it is long. He gets off on putting on a show, stroking his hard throbbing cock nice and slow for the camera. Brody gives us a good look at that sweet ass of his before turning back over to milk his tool, edging until he shoots a big creamy load of jizz all over his chest.

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Preston and Bobby

Preston and Bobby had been chatting online, hoping to hook-up. The trouble was that each lived several states apart. Bobby took the bull by the horns and flew in specifically to get his fuck on. It took little to get these two going, with Preston opening wide to do one of the many things he does well. Suck cock. But after sucking Bobby, Preston wanted to get fucked so he bit his lip, closed his eyes and enjoyed every inch of Bobby's hard, throbbing cock. He took Bobby's enormous meat all the way, riding it hard before ending up on his back, legs spread, and getting the cum fucked out of him before Bobby's pulled out and spilled his seed all over Preston's fuzzy belly.

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Say hello to Amelio. This open-minded hottie of Peruvian descent stands 5'8", weighs 140 lbs. and LOVES soccer. The only thing he loves more than footie is sex with his buddies. Once upon he was openly bisexual, messing around with his guy friends, as well as his girl friends but now he's strictly all about the cock. The ass. The scent of another sweaty guy getting down and dirty. Amelio got us all revved up telling us about the sexual escapades with his soccer mates. Amelio stood up and peeled off his shirt to show us his naturally smooth and perfectly defined chest. He's got nice big broad shoulders and a terrific set of guns, all leading to a happy trail and a big hairy uncut cock! Amelio grabs his shaft with one hand and with his other hand, caresses his hairy legs then teases his taint. One leg up on the chair, Amelio settles in, legs spread as he jerks off. He throws his head back and enjoys the feeling as he starts to drip pre-cum then spurts all over his hairy balls.

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Bruce and Tyler Andrews

When Tyler Andrews said he really wanted to fuck a guy, we went on the hunt to find him a worthy bottom. We asked Bruce, who's already filmed a solo with us and, although he's also straight, we had a feeling he might enjoy getting fucked by thick hung Tyler. When they met, Bruce was more than a little nervous. But Tyler told him not to worry. "Just do what I tell you to do," Tyler said, which was exactly what Bruce needed to hear. You could see his cock swell through his shorts as Tyler told he was about to be dominated. One look at Bruce's face and you can tell this is his first real cock — other than sex toys — stuffing his hungry hole and we have a feeling it won't be the last. These two went at it non-stop for more than an hour. When Tyler couldn't hold back any longer he unloaded a huge load of creamy white cum on Bruce's hot ass. Not to be out done, Bruce laid on his back and sucked out the rest of Tyler's cum until he exploded with a huge load all over his chest. We can still hear Tyler's balls slapping against Bruce's muscled ass!

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Austin Solo

Like any college freshman, Austin is hot to trot. The handsome, slender young man — who looks like a cross between a young Kevin Bacon and Ewan McGregor — might be straight but he certainly doesn’t mind stripping down for other men to watch and get off on his sexy body and big cock! Austin gets lost in his fantasies, grooving on being watched, big balls bouncing as he strokes that fat, throbbing piece of meat, delivering a lip-smacking load of jizz all over his flat belly!

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