Leon Strife

Slender twink Leon Strife is friendly and laid back. You wouldn't expect it but Leon also has a huge cock! First he tells us about one of his favorite sexual experiences and confided that he has a thing for daddies, especially if they're dominant. So kick back. Relax. Grab some lube and play with yourself while you watch Leon Strife tug on his big meat!

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Randy Bench

Randy Bench might have a girl at home who licks his ass and plays with his balls while she blows him but the bearded redhead was up for something different. Showing off to a bunch of guys. After kicking back on chatting about what gets him going — all the while teasing us with an enormous package — we were just about ready to bust ourselves! Naturally, we had to call him out on his camel toe, bulging out on both sides. Randy's big fat cut cock and huge balls were ready for fresh air so we stopped talking and let Randy do what he came to do. He undid his belt, slid his jeans down just a little, and started tugging on his meat. He might not ever admit it but WE know he loved the attention we gave his fat cock. How do we know? Easy. Every once in a while he'd take a quick look at the crew, as if to make sure he still had their attention. Randy made those huge balls bounce as he jerked off and shot a hefty load.

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Kobe Strong

Kobe Strong was on a practice field when we first spotted the 20-year-old stud. At 6'3" and 190 pounds of muscle, we knew we had to see him naked. It didn't take much to convince Kobe to strip for the camera and show off his chiseled body. He wasn't shy about letting us know he's straight but as we all know, straight men love being ogled and lusted after. He certainly got off on our crew, admiring and lusting over him during the photo shoot! He may have hesitated a minute when it came back to drop trou but he did it and never looked backed. We got Kobe in the shower, where he lathered up, showing off his muscles before drying off and settling in to work out a load. And what a load it turned out to be!

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Levi Robinson

When Levi Robinson got naked for us on his first visit to the studio, the first thing we thought was, Holy Shit! You see, Levi works with heavy machinery and he's packing. An Oklahoma native, he is all hunk, from head to toe. Levi was already naked so we could take pictures, so we started up the cameras and chatted with him for a bit. Levi stands about 6' tall and has a football players build. He's got a big beautiful muscled and tatted up chest with a nice set of abs, too! Levi started jerking off outside, for anyone and everyone to witness him in all his glory. We were captivated and mesmerized, especially as his cock became swollen, thicker and longer with every stroke. His balls, already heavy with cum, seemed to grow bigger before our very eyes! Levi went to town, his dick at full attention. He gave us quite a treat when he started to flex and tightened his abs as he got ready to spew his load, using the blanket as his dumping ground. He let out a deep short set of breaths then soaked his blanket with his yummy man jizz.

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Pocket Pussy

While checking out our closet full of toys, Carson Carver came across Pocket Pussy. He immediately called one of his closest friends, Haigan Sence, and told him all about the toy. Haigan was soon at the studio and had set up the cameras himself, so everything they did could be caught on tape. Haigan and Carson stripped and sat on the couch, stroking already hard cocks. Carson is quick to check out Haigan's cock and even offers to help make sure he's well lubricated. Haigan loves the attention and offers up his cock for Carson to lube. Both destroy their Pocket Pussy with a frenzy. Haigan was first to dump his load and he grabbed the lid to one of the cans so he could collect all that thick semen. When Carson was close, Haigan ordered him to cum in the can so he could feed Carson the lid full of jizz. Carson shot a huge load just thinking about! Hell, wouldn't you? Goodness knows WE almost did. And we were still clothed!

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