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Nick Hoilday – Massage

Nick Holiday was a terrific find. Short in stature but big where it counts, this hairy little fucker is always ready, up for anything we might dish out. When we asked if he'd be willing to strip down for an erotic massage, he was immediately excited and raring to go. Our on-staff masseur poured oil on Nick and got his hands all slippery with oil, rubbing Nick's body and kneading his muscles. Then our masseur got Nick on his knees, ass up in the air, and played with that sweet, hairy, rarely used tight little pucker, working a finger inside Nick, who winced, but didn't complain. Guess he knew what was coming next. Him! That fat slab of meat throbbed and jumped, spewing seed all over his furry belly, and even manages…ahem…to get some on his lips!

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Josh Long

When we first came across Josh Long's photos we were immediately captivated. The trouble was he was out of state. We're not in the habit of flying people back and forth and figured we'd never work with Josh. Then he e-mailed to say he'd be going to school not far from the studio. Naturally, we HAD to set up an appointment to meet! As it turns out, all the hot awesomeness he claimed was true…and then some! He might be a hairy little guy but what he lacks in stature he makes up for with a cocky attitude that's sure to make your cock swell and your hole twitch. Oh. And speaking of cock. It's thick, cut and juicy! We popped him in the shower when he arrived and filmed his pretty boy face, complete with 5-day growth, which only made him even more irresistible. Once out of the shower, Josh put on a show, leaning back, legs spread open, one hand wrapped around that thick beauty, all while showing off tight hairy hole. If you're anything like any of our crew, you'll be salivating long before Josh sprays his seed all over the place. Of course, if you're anything like any of our crew, you might also help him clean it all up! Wink, wink.

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Sully – Massage

Our "roaming hands" are at it again, this time with sexy, intense blond Sully. The tattooed hottie is ready for his close up as our on-staff masseur gets his hands slippery with oil, slicking up Sully's body then fingering his sweet ass. Sully flips over and gets a handjob in this massage scene with a very happy ending!

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Kent Kauffman

Kent is a straight blond who showed up at the studio one day wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and no shirt. Naturally, we were taken aback. And talk about truth in advertising! The blond hottie is 20-years-old with a smooth chest and a treasure trail leading down to a hairy crotch. Kent unzipped and pulled his jeans down far enough to allow us a glimpse of a thick cut cock and a hefty pair of cum-laden balls. Who were we to tell him no? Out came the camera and Kent pulled off his jeans. He showed off an amazing ass but the main event was in his left hand. Kent said he likes to jerk off on the rough side and proceeded to grip his veiny shaft and show off his aggressive technique, working towards what we knew would be a good load. With every stroke, he increased the pressure. Soon, he grabbed his balls and squeezed them tight before unleashing a copious load of jizz.

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Jarren and Logan Taylor

For Jarren's first time we thought we'd set him up with beefy muscle hunk Logan Taylor. He's always so willing to help out with virgin pornsters! Not that Jarren was a virgin in real life, only a virgin in the world of porn. Jarren immediately succumbed to Logan's persuasive powers. It helps that Logan likes to break in newbies, especially those claiming to be straight. Logan sweet talked Jarren into sucking his dick but returned the favor before bending over so Jarren could shove his wrapped cock into that meaty ass. It's so fucking hot to watch smallter, thinner guys rip Logan a new one and end up falling in lust with the tattooed hunk's best asset. Logan opens wide to give Jarren deep access but then Jarren flipped Logan onto his back and banged away, pushing Logan to the edge. Logan sprayed all over his stomach as Jarren pull follows suit. From what we understand now, when Friday nights roll around, they can each be found sniffing around after each other's cock and ass, both hoping for an encore performance but one a bit more private than the one we filmed. Good for them!

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