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Collin Redd

For those of you love redheads, we're pleased to present Collin Redd. What else would his name be? Lol! He hit us up after some friends egged him on. Since we know many of you love a sexy little ginger with a big dick, how could we resist? Turns out, Collin has always wanted to be in front of the camera and we were happy to oblige. Collin is hot as hell with a southern twang, deep red hair, and a sexy, almost shy smile. Collin sat on the couch and told us about some of his sexual flings, including how he likes to get off. He says he prefers girls but we think he just hasn't had the right guy to lead him astray and show him what he's missing out. Collin stripped down, showed of his flaming red pubes, then sat back for a good stroke session. And what until you get a load of that thick, throbbing manhood and that bulbous head. Yeah, you'll watch him work the full length of his veiny shaft but you'll wish you'd been here to wrap your lips around that puppy, especially when he shoots that jet stream of thick white cum. Yummm!

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Genesis and Clark G

Clark G let us film him in a solo a while back and after, expressed interest in possibly getting it on with another guy. Naturally we thought of Genesis. We knew that if anyone would be able to guide Clark through his first time with another guy, especially in front of the camera, it would be the pierced and tattooed hung hottie. With Genesis's permissions, we shared a picture of him with Clark. He wrote us back telling us he'd DEFINITELY be up for fucking his first man hole. As it turns out, Clark had tried to hook up with another guy he met online but the guy couldn't take his cock. We guaranteed him there was no chance of that happening again. Genesis grabbed Clark by the back of the head and pulled him in tight for some hot kissing. Clark didn't put up a fuss and Genesis went further. He moved his lips down to Clark's neck, continuing further as he dropped to his knees, working his way down Clark's beefy torso. Clark wanted a taste of Genesis's cock so he pushed Genesis on his back, grabbed the shaft and started sucking. Genesis clearly enjoyed Clark's dick sucking but that wasn't what he was about. Not for this session. He needed Clark to puncture his moist hole! Genesis got on all fours and Clark mounted him, pounding Genesis in every position they could image. Finally, Genesis had to explode. With his Legs spread open wide and Clark drilling away, Genesis exploded with a huge stream of fuck juice. Clark followed, stroking out a load of his own and drenching Genesis's already cum drenched abs.

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You know those guys who look younger and more innocent than they appear, then turn into nasty, dirty white boys? That's Terry. Blond haired and and blue eyed, Terry definitely looks younger than his years but don't let those boyish looks fool you. He's nasty to the core when it cums to sex and he'll just about anything to get his rocks off. With plenty of stories to share, especially one that shows how he likes to be dominated, Terry was all about getting off and doesn't care who watches as long as he shoots his load. He put on a damn good show and we can't remember a guy wanting to please his audience so badly. Terry practically ripped his clothes off and stroke his big cut cock until he squeezed out a river of jizz all over his belly. And yes, he's every bit as hot as he appears!

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Cash McCoy and Krys Perez

We were hanging out with Krys Perez and some of his friends one weekend when Cash McCoy knocked at the door. We hadn't been expecting him so we were quite surprised, but pleased to see the tall, straight hunk. Turns out Krys texted him, told him what we were up to, and asked if he'd be in a scene with him. Who were we to turn down a hot straight man in need of money and a cock hungry twink with a thing for the forbidden fruit? Guess sometimes it's all about being in the right place at the wrong time. Or is that being in the wrong place at the right time? Regardless, Krys ended up scoring big time as Cash was exactly what he needed. We sent some of the friends off, thought we got the feeling they wanted to watch, and got down to the business of filming Cash and Krys. They traded blowjobs for a while before Krys managed to get his tongue in Cash's amazing ass. The straight hunk arched his back and let Krys explore and rim his hole. This only got Cash nice and wet and the next thing we knew, Krys mounted Cash and fucked him doggie before putting the big guy on his back, grabbing his ankles and fucking deep. Cash might have winced from the pain but ended up licking his lips and biting his tongue from the pure ecstasy of getting his cherry popped. Turns out that Krys had the entire thing planned, behind our backs, and we're sure glad he took that initiative!

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Blake Hollywood

The first time we met Blake Hollywood he pulled out his huge cock and asked if we'd like to see him get naked. Well, we can't remember a time when we EVER turned down that offer so we invited him to jerk off in front of the camera for us. Now, Blake might not be the tallest hunk we've cum across but what he lacks in height he makes up for with plenty of charm, good looks, and a wickedly delicious tattooed body meant for licking from head to toe. His piercing blue eyes and million dollar smile — a smile that says he's going to fuck your brains out — are enough to get any warm-blooded male swooning. Once he takes off his clothes and you see that big fat dick, you'll be ready to drop to your knees or give up your ass for a deep pounding. Alas, this is only a solo, one where Blake strokes his swollen cock until he gets some much needed release. Don't you just love this younger generation?

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