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Fucking Filthy

These three guys are fucking filthy! Sniffing, sucking and licking ass inside and out, they are genuine Butt Sluts like no other. All smooth studs take it in turns to stick as much rubber inside one as possible, ramming his hole with dildo and butt plug. Moaning as his ass is stretched, the Asian guy takes over and shows him how it's done. Taking more and more, keep an eye out for the double-ended dildo fucking two arses at once! One guy takes the role and puts anything in front of the others mouths and noses, including fresh from the ass anal toys, getting them to smell the very essence of what it's like to be a Butt Slut.

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Big Black and Bareback

Waking in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on, black recruit Drew Kingston looks down from his top bunk on the slim, smooth twinky Johannes Lars for inspiration. Johannes has a big smile on his face for Drew, who stuffs his face full of dick! Cock hungry Johannes jumps up and raises his pert little white butt high into Drew's face who gladly obliges, getting it wet with spit before pushing his big bare dick into Drew, the thick dick stretching him wide and looking massive against those tiny white butt cheeks. Pumping him doggy style before Johannes lowers himself on top of Drew, giving the best close-ups of this interracial raw ass fucking, Johannes loves the ass-stretching action so much that when Drew empties his balls all over his freshly fucked hole, he still wants more and Drew fuck the cum into him, using his own load as lube, no wonder Johannes quickly shoots after that, giving Drew his own load all over his face!

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Tattooed Trouble

It's hard to remain subtle when you're bunking with hot young men like Skikes and Nathan Hope. After some sneaky eyefuls of man meat, Skikes and Nathan can't really hide it anymore, and Nathan slaps his semi-hard dick on his comrade's face who quickly swallows it all and helps it to full mast in a matter of seconds! Already hard from his cheeky morning wank, Skikes is in the mood for a hard ass fucking, which is perfect as Nathan wants exactly the same and wastes no time getting lubed up and pumping into the young inked man. Nathan's smooth handsome features working his big uncut dick deep inside, his tattooed skin matching perfectly with Skikes who struggles at first to take it all, yelling as Nathan pushes deep, his raw cock warm inside and with his legs held high and apart, Skikes isn't going anywhere until Nathan spurts his load, feeding Skikes directly from his dick who has no problem licking it clean for him!

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Military Muscle

We've all been there, waking up mid-wank as we play with our dicks whilst still dreaming. Waking up horny as hell, handsome and muscled young man Eden Starr treats himself, and us, to a dildo jack-off that leaves him full of toys and his balls empty of spunk! Raising his legs in the air with his feet facing the camera, full focus is on that smooth hungry hole of his as he works the big blue shaft deep inside and all the way out over and over whilst jerking his big cut dick, upgrading to a giant pink toy to really stretch him wide, pleasuring himself until he dumps his load over his abs of steel, leaving him loose, open and wet!

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