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Hung Kayden Fucks Fleshjack

Showing off his perfectly gym-fit body as he reclines on the ladders in the sex shed, his giant dick standing proud above his tracksuit pants, Kayden’s never looked better! His lean six-pack and trim chest completing the picture of sexual perfection! As he pulls his thick 9.5” down, showing it’s true huge length, we’re given something even better than a wank! Kayden reaches for a clear fleshjack and slowly lubes up his immense shaft before working it deep into the toy, showing us every inch as if he’s fucking a hot ass and we can see from the inside! Unable to control his hips, Kayden thrusts upwards, his first fleshjack fuck is something he or us will never forget! Standing up and fucking the toy downwards, the sight of his dick working it’s way down is like nothing we’ve seen before! Unable to hold off any longer, Kayden reaches for a hot pink hole to shoot his thick wads of cum over and his cum covered dick then slides inside, fucking the cum deep into the toy as we imagine he’s doing that to our butts…

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Saxon West and Timmy Treasure

Desperately trying to get out of work early for a wrestling meet, red headed Saxon West manages to wrangle it and heads straight to the gym to meet his next partner Timmy. As they get changed, the small talk between them turns more and more sexual until they both get naked once more, and the cocks get turned up! Long oral worship makes way for Timmy to lay back and Saxon takes the opportunity to sit down on his long dick, working his hole all the way to the balls, grinding down hard and slow, taking his time to pleasure his own ass as much as Timmy’s pulsating dick! Having had enough of Saxon calling the shots, Timmy turns him over and fucks him from above, letting him control the speed and pace until his can’t resist any more and both muscular men spurt hard, emptying their balls all over Saxon!

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Twink Ass Play

Sweet sexy young Kamyk Walker joins the shed and it’s a good thing too! His pale smooth skin and horny appetite belie the innocent look on his cute face. He strips off within minutes to show us his sweet pink ass and quickly fills it with giant dildos as thick as his own arm! This is one talented young twink who truly knows just how much his ass can take but doesn’t shy away from working it sider each time!! This is proven with the massively thick pink dildo he chooses to work inside him next, not even going slowly, once he pushes it past his ring it’s a fast pumping as he jerks himself off whilst fucking his ass hard, pulling back and forth over the rubber and pulling it all the way just to sit down on it all over again and bounce incessantly – a true pro twink who loves ass stretching action!

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Mathew Davids and Dolan Wolf

New to the wrestling scene, Mathew Davids is being taught some of the basic pinning positions of wrestling by tutor Dolan Wolf. The older, hairy man takes real pride in his work and doesn’t let his protégé go, even when teaching! Making sure Mathew knows his place and remembers it well, it’s not just his arms and legs he’s grabbing, but his growing bulge too! Held down with Dolan’s spandex covered crotch in his face, Mathew struggles to get one over on his master but it’s not going to happen. Dolan is the real man in charge here and he’s not going to let it change for anything! Having had enough of exerting his control, Dolan pulls down Mathew’s wrestling suit and exposes his long uncut cock fully erect and begging for action. Dolan doesn’t disappoint him here, and proceeds to fuck him hard and long on the gym floor, not even caring who might walk in to catch them fucking harder and shooting even harder!

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Tattooed Scally Jerks off

New face Dan Stone arrives at the shed not really knowing what he’s let himself in for! Still, that hasn’t put him off as he’s already semi as he walks in, which soon reaches full mast as his hands reaches below his sweatpants and he nervously plays with his growing dick! Showing us what’s hiding beneath his white jumper, the tattooed lad has a great hairy chest running down the middle, smooth everywhere else and covered in ink! His trim pubes and smooth balls are swiftly slapping against the nearest fleshjack as he slams it over his shaft, ending the hot jerkoff with streams of scally spunks dripping ver his smooth torso, his long dick still quivering with excitement as a cute smile breaks out across his handsome young face.

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