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Bruno Bernal and Sergi Rodriguez

Just in from a heavy workout at the gym, Latin studs Bruno and Sergi cool off in the kitchen and Bruno is instantly drawn to Sergi’s huge hairy legs. Loving what’s at face-level, he can’t help but compliment his bearded young gym buddy who takes all the words he’s given! As Bruno strokes his thigh and down his calf, Bruno tests the water as he licks at Sergi’s trainer, excepting to be knocked back, but Sergi is intrigued and well up for it. Bruno takes his chance and opens up his trainer and takes a deep breath, breathing in the sweat of the day with Sergi’s foot still in there! Pushing as much of Sergi’s still socked foot into his mouth, Bruno is going crazy of the feeling of cotton and sweat and feet all mixing between his teeth as buff Sergi sits back and lets his kinky friend do what he loves. Laying on the floor, Bruno takes Sergi to a different levels, asking him to push his feet down onto him, over his face, lips, hairy chest and hard dick, trampling the young Latino with his sweaty feet and Sergi obviously loves this, jerking himself as he does Bruno’s bidding. Eager for some good old fashioned fucking too, Sergi works his dick into Bruno, their hairy chests and muscled bodies flexing and tightening on the table, their tattooed bodies heaving and rocking the place as they speed up, Bruno pushing back and Sergi ramming forward! Dumping their loads on the nearest trainer they can, this intense fuck-fest ends where it began, the trainers centre of attention, this time dripping in spunk from both hairy young fuckers!

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Drew Kingston and Felix Jones

A sports injury is the most perfect excuse for some unsolicited touching, and when these two cute young black guys twist a knee, Drew’s pain suddenly turns to Felix’s opportunity to get some action from his mate! Massing his leg, and working down towards his foot, we all know exactly what Felix has in mind, and Drew is in no position to complain, he’s already got his thick long cock out! As Felix works his juicy tongue around Drew’s toes and up and down his beautiful soles, Drew just gets harder and harder, having never felt something like this before! Keen to explore this new found feeling, He grabs Felix’s feet and works his giant black dick between them, fucking his mates feet like the horny young thing he is! Felix can’t believe his luck that his hung friend is into this and wants to have the whole show, bending over the couch as Drew takes the hint and feeds his meat into Drew’s tight peachy ass! Drew soon can’t hold back and spunks all over his freshly fucked ass, but offers up his feet once more to his friend to jerk over, his fucked ass puckering as he shoots over Drew’s soles, leaving them covered in cum and Drew’s twisted knee miraculously healed!

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Mickey Taylor

Coming in from a jog, tattooed young scally lad Mickey Taylor speaks directly to you as he sits down about to undo his shoes, warm, moist and with the smell of well-used trainer, he gives us a direct show as he speaks direct to us, showing off his white socks, tight against his foot as he shoves the trainer in the camera, urging us to take a deep breath inside, if only! Taking off his socks to expose his smooth soles, he gently caresses them as if it were our tongue doing the job, stretching his toes and curling them towards our faces, all the while telling us exactly what he loves guys to do to them. As he strips off those sweaty shorts and pants, he jerks himself, horned up to the eyeballs at the way he gets to talk to us, stroking his rock hard dick, he spits on the floor and rubs his beautiful toes into it, holding it up to us to taste. Things come to a head when Mickey holds his foot close to his dick, and shoot all over his own foot, soaking it in spunk and doing what we wish we could do to him!

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Kayden Gray and Cameron Wilson

Sporty young fucker Kayden meets up with fellow young stud Cameron who unknown to Kayden has a real thing for fresh new trainers, and Kayden just so happens to have some awesome new white high-tops! Instantly spotting them, Cameron can’t contain himself for long and gets his tongue lapping at the leather when Kayden jumps on top of the table to show them off! Cameron’s fetish definitely isn’t limited to sneakers however as the shoe is removed and Cameron first buries his face in Kayden’s white socks before they too come off and Cameron’s tongue is lapping between Kayden’s toed, up the sole and around the heel, tasting, smelling and enjoying every inch of his feet with his face!! His rock hard cock bounces beneath his football shorts and begs for attention, with Cameron standing over Kayden’s bare feet and working his cock between them, fucking his feet and getting Kayden hotter and hotter at this site! Jumping off the table and bending Cameron over it, Kayden’s famous big thick dick repays the horny young Cameron by stretching his ass wide with his cock, and when he’s close to shooting, Kayden gets Cameron’s feet together and repeats Cameron’s earlier action, jerking himself through Cameron’s socked feet, so we see

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