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Fernando Leon Services His Own Cock, Gets Help From Leighton Cole

We’ve all heard it before. A line said in jest but one that rings true in all of us, straight or gay. “If I could suck my own cock I’d never leave the house!” Well, some men can some can’t. Others can get to it, like Brazilian beefcake Fernando Leon. He can swab a good portion of his huge cock with his super long tongue and shows Leighton Cole how to do it. But while Leighton watches and strokes his own big dick, the masculine bottom just gets hungry. And frankly, even those who can suck their own cocks eventually need a helping hand. Regardless of how good it feels to service yourself, it’s still better when someone does all that cock service for you. That way you can just lean back, relax, and enjoy the hot mouth making love to your dick, playing with your balls, slobbering all over you and looking up at you like you’re God. Leighton is soon bent over Fernando’s motorbike, his beautiful smooth ass begging to be tongue-fucked. Fernando lays into that pink fuckhole with gusto and when he’s slimed Leighton up good, Fernando leans back while Leighton impales himself on the throbbing shaft and fucks himself for a while before Fernando grabs him and pounds him rough. Leighton is all too happy and eager to receive that fucking and milks Fernando’s shaft with his tight hole until the sexy Brazilian sprays a load all over Leighton’s tattooed ass.

Leighton Cole Helps Out Self-Sucking Fernando Leon

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Josh Monteiro Gets His Fuzzy Ass Split Wide Open By Leigh Devine

Josh Monteiro and Leigh Devine prove that sometimes, it’s not about the premise of a porn scene or even the story happening between them. Sometimes, it’s just about sucking dick and being hungry for cock that you do just that. Both hot twinks take turn sucking each other but Josh truly enjoys working Leigh’s big one. Theirs is an eager cock sucking session that turns into a hot and heavy 69 before Josh gets the urge to get fucked. Leigh works his big dick into the twink’s fuzzy ass and pounds his tight pink hole for all he’s worth! Every single inch, balls slapping until he fucks the cum out of Josh before pulling out an unloading with a load of his own, all over his new twink Latino fuck buddy!

Leigh Devine Splits Josh Monteiro's Fuzzy Ass Wide Open

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Cock Hungry Twink Jak Williams Aggressively Fucked By Fred Faurtin

Not so long ago, before computers, before the internet, and before smart phone booty calls, guys would meet up for sex old school; cruising each other on the street. It’s nice to see things haven’t changed much! Here’s Jak Williams and Fred Faurtin, who meet by cruising each other at a local square. Giving in to the temptation, Jak takes Fred back to his place only to find the he’s struck gold when Fred’s pants come off. Jak gets hit on the face with Fred’s thick, uncut massive beauty and immediately devours it. They take turns sucking each other but Jak is the bigger cocksucker, at first unable to, then getting his head askedd down past Fred’s fat knob until he’s taken the entire thing down his throat. Fred then works Jak’s tasty hole, spreading the pink puckered sphincter with his fingers as he primes him with spit. And then he mounts. Jak groans with pleasurable pain as Fred works his thick monster balls deep inside the skinny twink but Jak never asks him to pull out. Instead, he takes Fred until the perfectly toned and well-hung top spews his load all over the voracious bottom.

Fred Faurtin Fucks Jak Williams Like A Dog

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Darren Robbins Sucks Greg David’s Big Dick Then Gets Fucked Up The Ass

Now that the holidays are all done and your family obligations have been met, kick back and relax with some “me” and BDP’s first scene of the New Year with Darren Robbins and Greg David. The two are big, buff and masculine as they make out and start to strip. But soon it becomes evident that Darren is aching for Greg’s huge dick. The, handsome, stubble-faced top gets his massive meat devoured by the dick hungry bottom. In fact, he works himself up into a frenzy, sucking Greg and getting his face fucked. Greg teases Darren with his tongue buried deep in his hungry fuckhole and works him, priming him full of spit and stretching the pink anal ring. Greg gives Darren an ass splitting and fucks him good and proper. At first he simply slides down onto Greg’s cock, fucking himself and impaling his ass on the thick shaft but soon winds up with his legs up in the air taking every inch. We get fantastic views of his sphincter milking Greg’s cock and hugging it tightly before each let loose with big cum loads to start the new year off with a bang.

Greg David Feeds Darren Robbins His Big Cock Then Fucks His Ass

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