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Horse Hung Matt Hughes In Rudeboi Orgy With Kyle Oshea, Nathan Cox, Will Jamieson, Shane Stone and Brett Carter

Bulldog Pit has put together an orgy scene with 6 incredibly hot young men with big dicks and voracious sexual appetites. In fact, we’d go as far as to say these guys are total hounds, with Nathan Cox being the biggest cum whore of all. But then again, would you expect any less enthusiasm with Matt Hughes in the middle of it all with his enormous, 11-inch monster cock? Nathan wants it bad and he’s stroking Matt’s huge meat, getting it hard, when the others walk in. Will Jamieson, Shane Stone, Kyle Oshea and Brett Carter. The six rudeboiz are immediately thrown into some major cock sucking action. Six very talented mouths make a lot of dick sucking noise before they all pair, swap, then take their turns at fucking Nathan’s well-fucked and stretched out fuckhole. His hole is left gaping by the time they’ve all had a go and the satisfied bottom is left with his young body splattered and covered with hot jizz.

Rudeboi Orgy Includes Horse-hung Matt Hughes

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Skinhead Leigh Devine Pops Maxx McKenzi’s Chav Cherry

Hot, dark-featured Leigh Devine waiting for new chav buddy Maxx McKenzi to come over. The bald skinhead is eager for the sexy blond with the twink build to show because he has a heavy duty cock sucking session in store. He’s ready for some oral sex, both getting and receiving! Once the slender young man arrives, the two start going at it, but Maxx wants his sweet young ass used and his cherry popped by Leigh’s long thick shaft. The chav rudeboiz enjoy each others hot mouths, pretty red lips wrapped throbbing boymeat, before Leigh bends Maxx over the couch and starts teasing the tiny little fuckhole. Leigh takes it nice and slow, easing the head of his cock past the first sphincter, making Maxx gasp from that inevitable pleasure-pain. Once the pulsating ring relaxes, more of Leigh’s big dick slides in, until he’s eventually all the way, his balls slapping Maxx with the momentum. Maxx gets fucked bent over and on his back until Leigh’s ready to shoot. He aims his cock at Maxx’s pretty mouth, strokes, and a huge load splatters all over Maxx’s pierced tongue and red lips. The eager young man then pumps out streams of his own young ball juice, covering himself in spunk.

Twink Punk Maxx McKenzi Fucked By Skinhead Leigh Devine

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Grant Joshua Eats Scott Murphy’s Irish Cream

Tall and lanky pornstar Grant Joshua discovers there’s nothing hotter than a hot, eager and sexed-up Irish lad with a big cock to take the edge off. Scott Murphy leads our camerman up to Grant’s flat and what follows is a documentation of the slightly hairy-chested stud kissing and making out with Grant, then helping himself to some dick before kicking back for some oral service from Grant’s expert mouth. Scott’s deliciously wicked and long cock is so fucking hot as it gets all slick and shiny with spit. After a good round of cock sucking action, Scott rims Grant’s hairy little hole, thrusting his tongue as far into the bottom’s ass as he can. Moments later he’s mounted Grant and fucks the handsome bottom for all he’s worth. Still wearing socks and sneakers, Grant raises his legs up in the air and spreads them wide, giving Scott full access to his stretched out sphincter for balls-deep penetration and maximum abuse. They fuck in several positions before Scott pulls out and feeds his skinhead cum load to Grant, who greedily laps it all up before shoots a wad of his own.

Skinhead Scott Murphy Makes Grant Joshua Eat His Cum

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Shane Stone, Young Chav With Big Dick Fucks Rudeboi Nathan Cox

Nathan Cox loves chav rudeboiz. The only thing he likes more is big dick fucking his tight hole. When he can get the two in one, this cock whore is in bottom heaven! Which is probably why he seemed a bit anxious when there was a knock at his door. He was expecting Shane Stone, an adorable and innocent looking young thing with an uncut cock guaranteed to scratch the deepest of itches making Nathan’s puckered fuckhole pulsate. Nathan quickly strips and gets Shane out of his sports kit. He buries his face on the lad’s lap and goes to town, deep throating the juicy piece of meat. Shane’s innocent looks are deceiving but it adds to Nathan’s sluttiness. Shane keeps his baseball cap on, and his beautiful tattooed young body tenses as he then eagerly rims Nathan’s ass before filling it and pumping it full of cock. His shaft penetrates Nathan’s hole, every single inch throbbing inside the greedy bottom. With his hole stretched out, Nathan gets splattered and covered with Shane’s young juice before popping out a load of his own.

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Adam Conner’s Hungry Hole Filled By Rudeboi Kyle Oshea

For this scene from Bulldog Pit, we paired up rudeboi Kyle Oshea with chav lover and cock sucking bottom Adam Conner. The slender young men are toned, horny, and have big dicks. Adam, especially, has a voracious sexual appetite. He plays with his cock, showing it hard through his trackies, even before Kyle gets to him. But he knows that when Kyle arrives, he’s going to be set straight…so to speak. Immediately upon getting there, the two lads start stripping out of their sports kit, and their attention turns to some eager dick sucking! Pretty red lips are wrapped around throbbing erections as the boys lick and tongue every inch of visible flesh. Adam loses control and treats himself to a seat on Kyle’s lap. The cute bottom works his ass up and down, milking the beautiful shaft deep inside his puckered ring. Hungry, the chav twink rides Kyle’s cock, bouncing on it as if he were on a pogo stick. Then, with both young men still wearing their sneakers and socks, Kyle flips Adam on his back, hairy legs up in the air. He fucks Adam deeply, pounding that boicunt incessantly while Adam strokes himself to a creamy finish. Kyle then grinds out a load of his own that splatters all over the freshly fucked bottom.

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